Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Sociology and Social Policy

Our Research

We investigate causes and effects of inequality, how to improve services and policy, and how people experience changes in our communities and culture.  Our researchers work with policy makers and practitioners in health and social care, security, and welfare to understand the key influences on their work and their effects on organisations, communities and service users.

Our Students

Our students are engaged with our research from their first year.  They consider contemporary social issues affecting people in Leeds, learning about research methods, data handling and how to make findings count. Through Sociology in Action, we created ‘Beyond the University’. Launched in 2016, this module sees second year students creating working partnerships with, and undertaking research for, local organisations. On 29th September the first Urban Impact Programme & Sociology in Action event took place in the city of Leeds in collaboration with Leeds City Council.

Our Community

Our aim is to build an active and mutually beneficial community of local organisations, students and academics who will work together to encourage positive social change. Drawing on the combined expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge of all its partners, Sociology in Action continues to develop and deliver projects that make a positive contribution to all our lives. This year students have worked with project partners including:

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