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Leeds by satellite

Where is Leeds?

The City of Leeds

Leeds sits on the River Aire in West Yorkshire, England. A city of about 450,000 people in a metropolitan borough of 760,000, it is one of the eight largest English cities outside London.

The city itself is in the North of England and lies midway between Edinburgh and London: the two capitals are about 200 miles away from Leeds - though in opposite directions to each other.

The West Yorkshire Region

Leeds is the largest urban centre in the county of West Yorkshire and is often thought of as the "capital" of Yorkshire, though no such title officially exists.

West Yorkshire is one of the four counties that make up the historic county of Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the largest region of England, and stretches from the Pennine mountain range, known as the "backbone of England", in the west to the North Sea Coast in the east.

How to get to Leeds

By car

Leeds sits at the top of the M1 motorway, the major north-south motorway that connects Leeds to London, and is also serviced by the M62, an west-east motorway that connects Liverpool and Hull via Manchester and Leeds.

By train

Leeds's train station is one of the largest in England outside London. Train services provide direct routes to London on a half hourly basis during the day, and the station also provides train connections to Scotland, Birmingham and the Midlands, Manchester and the north west, the East Coast, Bristol and the West Country, and Newcastle as well as to local and regional destinations.

By air

The city's nearest airport is Leeds/Bradford International Airport, though this airport mostly serves European destinations. However, the city also has excellent train connections to Manchester International, a larger airport that serves most major international destinations from Abu-Dhabi, Riyadh and Doha to Gambia, the US and Singapore.

Leeds also has excellent connections to London's Heathrow through the train service from Leeds to Kings Cross, and the shuttle service from Kings Cross to Heathrow.

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