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Alexandra Athelstan-Price
Queer Power Femininities: Theorising Queer / Feminist Modes of Feminine Embodiment and Subjectivity


Natasha Barnes
Exploring the Organisation of Emotion (a Goffmanesque study)

Maria Berghs
Amputee and war-wounded communities: A case study in Sierra Leone

Stefanie Claudine Boulila
Dancing salsa in post-thinking Europe: Gender and sexuality discourses among salsa dancers in Switzerland and England

Kate Brown
The concept of ‘vulnerability’ and its use in the care and control of young people


Anne-Marie Callus
A qualitative study of the self-advocacy movement for people with the label 'intellectual disability' in Malta

Laura Cartwright
Permanently Temping? Youth Labour Markets and Lifestyles in Yorkshire

Laura Connelly
The Governance of Sex Trafficking: Law Enforcement and Non-Governmental Organisations’ Anti-Trafficking Responses in the UK


Linda Roland Danil
Warrior Masculinities: Soldiers, peacekeepers, private military and security contractors, gender, and the Laws of War in the contemporary period

Sam de Boise
Masculinities, Music, Emotion and Affect

Stevienna de Saille
From "Death of the Female" to "Life Itself": A socio-historical examination of FINRRAGE


Bassey Ebenso
Life course perspectives on experiences of and responses to leprosy-related stigma in Western Nigeria

Daniel Edmiston
The poverty and riches of social citizenship in the UK: how lived experiences affect attitudes towards welfare, rights and responsibilities

Mark Edwards
The Adaptive Value of Citizenship: A genealogy of belonging

Nichole Edwards
Experiences of pleasure and desire in the heterosexual practices of woman-identified feminists

Ieva Eskyte
Creating effective customer policies for disabled people in the private market


Deborah Fenney
Access to sustainable lifestyles: disability and environmental citizenship

Fernando Fontes
Social citizenship and collective action: the case of the Portuguese disabled people's movement


Esmee Hanna
Student power: A social movements analysis of student protest in English universities between 1965-1973

Laura Hemingway
Disability and Housing: home, housing options and access to owner-occupation

Peter Hemming
School life, faith and culture: exploring religion and spirituality in children's everyday spaces


Adem Ince
Turkish National Education and the Kurdish Question


Laura Jarvis-King
Experiences of indoor sex industry spaces

Hui Yu Kuo
The Sleeping Voice: A Narrative Study of Women with Poliomyelitis in Taiwan


Carmen Lau
The New Generation: Chinese childhoods

Lisa Long
Still policing the crisis? Black and black and white mixed 'race'


Rashidah Mamat
National identity,ethnicity and Islam:Malaysian students perceptions in the UK

Yana Manyukhina
Ethical Consumption as a Reflexive Project: Negotiation of Consumer Identities through Ethical Choices

Ana Manzano-Santaella
"Bed-blocking": an evaluation of the role of financial incentives in the Delayed Discharges Act 2003

Hilda Beatriz Miranda Galarza
Family and disability: a social and cultural analysis of intellectual disability in Ecuador

Mark Monaghan
The Turmoil of Evidence: the case of UK drug classification


Ruth Patrick
Irresponsible Citizens? The Lived Experiences of Welfare Reform

Louise Pears
Terrorists, heroes and Homelands: how race, gender and nation are negotiated to create meaning in terrorism TV

Angelica Pesarini
Race Sex and Propaganda. The Construction of non-white Identities in Colonial and Postcolonial Italy

Mercedes Pöll
A-/Sexual Intimate Borderlands: Exploring Boundaries and Liminal Spaces in Close Personal Relationships


C. M. Quinn
The English Defence League: a critical analysis of participation in English nationalist, patriot and loyalist movement.


Keerti Raghunandan
Negotiating 'Indianness': Gender, ethnicity and performativity among young women in Trinidad

Serena Rapisarda
Single Voices: Understanding Singledom in a Cross-Cultural Comparison between Italy and Britain

Jenny Read
The role of voluntary organisations in providing employment support for carers; a case study of the CReate project

Robert Rhodes
The history and practice of human rights activism in South East Europe, with particular case studies of LGBT rightsa dvocacy in former Yugoslavia

Anna Rogers
Feminist Knowledge Production: the history and politics of West Yorkshire consciousness-raising groups


Remi Joseph-Salisbury
Black mixed-race men, hybridity and transatlantic post-racial resilience

Katy Sian
The persistence of Sikh and Muslim Conflict in Diasporic Context: Sikhs in the Uk

Ala Sirriyeh
Inhabiting the borders: Young refugee women's constructions of home in the context of emerging adulthood

Armineh Soorenian
A qualitative study of the experiences of disabled international students in four English universities

Reshad Suffee
What are the mechanisms and experiences of exclusion from white gay spaces for Gay Muslim-Heritage students in Higher Education

Julia Swallow
The Role of Instruments for Screening Cognitive Function and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Sociological Exploration


Corin Taylor
Queer Technologies of the Breast

Christopher Till
The social creation of male anorexia


Ben Vincent
Non-binary Gender Identity Negotiation – The Roles and Impacts of Community and Medical Practice


Katherine Wright
Participant Perspectives on Participation: A narrative exploration of public participation in a case study area

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