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Sociology and Social Policy

Research Student: Jenny Read

The role of voluntary organisations in providing employment support for carers; a case study of the CReate project

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the understanding of the role of voluntary organisations in delivering employment support services to carers. People of working age are the largest group in society providing unpaid care to sick, elderly or disabled people and government has increasingly emphasised the role of voluntary organisations in supporting carers. This study seeks to explore and explain the processes involved in enabling carers to combine work and care and the challenges that organisations face in providing a sustainable service.

It will take as its case study the CReate (Carers’ Resource Employment and Training/ Enterprise) project based in Shipley, Bradford and forms part of the work carried out by the charitable company The Carers’ Resource (Registered Charity No. 1049278). Specifically, it aims to explore, describe and explain how and why a voluntary agency delivers employment support services for carers within a particular location and to what extent both carers and employers benefit. The design, implementation and impact of the project will be explored within the wider context of work-care reconciliation in an ageing population and the changing role of voluntary organisations in the UK.


I obtained a BA in European Studies and French from Manchester University in 2010.

I then worked for the NSPCC for two years before moving to Edinburgh to complete my Masters in Comparative Public Policy in 2014.

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