Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Sociology and Social Policy

Research Student: Katy Sian

The persistence of Sikh and Muslim Conflict in Diasporic Context: Sikhs in the Uk

This phenomenon has lacked much academic attention and when it is discussed, mainly within the local media, there is an emphasis upon ethnic, inter-ethnic or religious explanations to understand it, my research will thus attempt to conceptualise such antagonism within an original, theoretical context.

Specifically I examine the way in which Sikhs represent themselves as being subject to attack from Muslims against the backdrop of postcolonial settlement in Britain. The analysis of the persistence of Sikh-Muslim conflict allows us to focus upon the way in which ethnicised communities relate to each other and also the way in which they relate to the national majority community.

The study is based around qualitative methodology. I use interviews with community leaders and the community-led, analyses of leaflets and internet sources to map out the discursive formation of the Sikh representation on this conflict, concentrating specifically upon 'aggressive’ conversion narratives- in which ‘innocent’ Sikh girls (sic) are forcibly converted into Islam by Muslims. My research is about contextualizing this discursive formation as means of understanding what this tells about British Asian identity

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