Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Sociology and Social Policy

Research Student: Ala Sirriyeh

Inhabiting the borders: Young refugee women's constructions of home in the context of emerging adulthood

This research explores young refugee women's (aged 16-25) definitions and experiences of home and belonging in the context of their experience of emerging adulthood.  Much of the literature on migration discusses either children or adults, perhaps due to the structures of immigration systems and related legal and policy debates.  The current research will examine the intersection of this divide. It will be argued that these young people are experiencing two journeys simultaneously; migrating to the UK and also becoming adults.  However, rather than focussing only on the aspect of transitions I will seek to explore their current lived experiences of these moments and how the women 'inhabit' these borders.  The research is based on fieldwork using a combination of photography and semi-structured interviews.

Youth; migration; home; belonging; refugees

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