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Sociology and Social Policy

Dr Libby Bishop

Senior Research Archivist for Timescapes

I work part-time as Senior Research Archivist where I create and manage a new archive of qualitative longitudinal data for the Timescapes Study of personal relationships through time.

I also promote the archive for secondary analysis by providing support for users. In addition, I work part-time at Qualidata, a section of the UK Data Archive, as Research Liaison Officer, where I engage researchers in depositing and reusing data for research and teaching.

Research Interests

I have multiple research interests.  Currently, I am studying the ethics of reusing qualitative data.  Previously, my research explored how the boundary between market and non-market spheres is negotiated.  I have studied this boundary in the realms of both production - for example, the role of the customer in capital and labour relations in service work - and consumption - for example, the use of convenience foods in domestic food preparation.


Currently, I do not have formal teaching responsibilities. However, much of my work involves teaching workshops on using qualitative data for secondary analysis, managing research data, and preparing data for preservation. In the past, I have taught introductory sociology, qualitative methods and organisational behaviour.

Key Publications

Journal articles

  • Bishop L, ‘Book Review: Trust in Food: A Comparative and Institutional Analysis by U. Kjaernes, M. Harvey, and A. Warde’, European Societies, 11.2 (2009), 311-313

  • Bishop E, ‘Ethical Sharing and Reuse of Qualitative Data’, Australian Journal of Social Issues, 44.3 (2009), 255-272

  • Bishop L, ‘Moving data into and out of an institutional repository: Off the map and into the territory’, IASSIST Quarterly, 31.3&4 (2009)

  • Bishop L, ‘A Reflexive Account of Reusing Qualitative Data: Beyond primary/secondary dualism’, Sociological Research Online, 12.3 (2007)

  • Bishop L, ‘A proposal for archiving context for secondary analysis’, Methodological Innovations Online, 1.2 (2006)


  • Bishop L, ‘Archiving for the future: the archivist as researcher’, in L’analyse secondaire en recherche qualitative : une nouvelle pratique en sciences humaines et sociales (trans. Secondary analysis in qualitative research: a new practice in social and human sciences, ed. by Dargentas and others (Paris: Lavoisier, 2008)

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