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Contact Details

Dr Lisa Buckner

Senior Research Fellow

I joined the university as a Senior Research Fellow in January 2006. My specialist area is the analysis of large and complex data sets, and the use of official statistics and surveys for policy-applied research.

Before coming to Leeds, I was at the Centre for Social Inclusion and CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University. I have previously worked as a local government demographer and in the Census Division at the Office for National Statistics.

Research Interests

My areas of interest are policy-applied research on gender, employment, caring and equality at the local level, in particular the following areas.

  • Poverty and people on the margins of the labour market
  • Balancing paid employment and unpaid care
  • 'Working below potential'
  • Labour market outcomes and ethnicity


My teaching interests are quantitative methods and official statistics and its use for policy-applied research. I teach on the undergraduate and postgraduate research methods courses.

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise students in a range of areas, including quantitative research on gender, ethnicity and the local labour market, and the provision of unpaid care and employment.

Key Publications

Journal article

Brown, J., Buckner, L., I Diamond, R Chambers, A Teague A methodological strategy for a one number census in the UK Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 162, (1999).


Buckner, L.J., Yeandle, S. and Botcherby, S. (2007) Ethnic Minority Women and Local Labour Markets EOC.

Buckner, L.J. and Yeandle, S. (2006) Working Carers: Evidence from the 2001 Census Statistical Analysis from 'Who Cares Wins: The Social and Business Benefits of Supporting Working Carers'. Carers UK, London.

Grant, L., Yeandle, S. and Buckner, L. (2006) Working Below Potential: Women and part-time work synthesis report GELLM Research Programme report Series 2 Part 1, Sheffield Hallam University

Escott, K. and Buckner, L. (2006) Addressing Women's Poverty: Local Labour Market Initiatives synthesis report GELLM Research Programme report Series 6 Part 1, Sheffield Hallam University.

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