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Dr Sharon Elley's Publications


  • Elley ST, Understanding Sex and Relationship Education, Youth and Class: A Youth Work-Led Approach’ (Palgrave, 2013)

Journal articles

  • Elley ST, ‘Confronting a Culture of Laddishness and Riskiness in Higher Education’, Discover Society 2015
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/88786/

  • Irwin S, Elley S, ‘Parents' hopes and expectations for their children's future occupations’, The Sociological Review, 61.1 (2013)

  • Elley ST, ‘Young People and Sex Education: Rethinking the Interconnections between Class, Gender and Sexuality’, Sociology, 45.3 (2011), 413-429
    DOI: 10.1177/0038038511399621

  • Irwin S, Elley ST, ‘Concerted cultivation? Parenting Values, Education and Class Diversity’, Sociology, 45.3 (2011), 480-495
    DOI: 10.1177/0038038511399618

  • Elley ST, ‘Young Women, Class and Gendered Heterosexuality: The Implication of Educational Aspirations and Social Networks for Sex Education Messages’, Sociology, 45.3 (2011), 413-429
    DOI: 10.1177/0038038511399621

  • Elley ST, ‘If I shut my eyes, I cannot hear you: The Regulation of Parent and Adolescent Communication about Sexual Practices and Identities in the Family Context’, Sociological Research Online, 15.2 (2010)
    DOI: 10.5153/sro.2114

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