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Dr Andrea Hollomotz

Lecturer in Social Research Methods, Disability and Deviance

I came to academia from a social work and care background with the aim to analyze how social policy can at times help or hinder positive professional practice, as well as potentially lead to the further marginalization and oppression of disabled people.

After completing my PhD at the University of Leeds I took up a post as lecturer in social policy and research methods at Manchester Metropolitan University between 2009 and 2012, before returning to Leeds in 2012.

I am on the editorial board for Disability & Society and I am regularly engaged in peer reviewing for a range of further academic journals. Since 2011, I am external examiner in Social Policy at London South Bank University.

Research Interests

My PhD study focused on learning difficulties, self-advocacy, sex and sexuality and sexual and other forms of ‘vulnerabilities’. I am interested innovative methods for engaging marginalized respondent groups in research, as well as in criminal justice, probation and forensic practice with people with learning difficulties. One current project I am working on looks at Securing Access to Justice for Children with Intellectual Disabilities.


I am BA Dissertation co-ordinator for the department of Sociology and Social Policy.

I am co-module leader (with Dr Lisa Buckner) on the undergraduate methods modules:

  • SLSP1145 Social Sciences Skills – Strand 2: Research Skills
  • SLSP2010 Sociology and Social Policy Research Methods

I am module leader for:

  • SLSP2040 Disability Studies: An Introduction

I am the disability contact for undergraduate students in the department of Sociology and Social Policy.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students on a broad range of topics. The list below highlights some of my areas of expertise.

  • Disability studies with a focus on sex, sexuality, ‘vulnerability’ and crime (disabled victims and offenders), in particular sexual violence and hate crime; learning difficulties, self-advocacy and professional practice:
  • emancipatory, participatory and inclusive research methods, with the aim to enable the participation of less articulate respondents:
  • child and adult protection policy and practice.

Key Publications


Hollomotz, A. (2011). Learning difficulties and sexual vulnerability: A social approach. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Read a review:

Walmsley, J. (2011). Learning Difficulties and Sexual Vulnerability: A Social Approach. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 39(3), 252-252.

McCarthy, M. (2012). Learning Difficulties and Sexual Vulnerability: A Social Approach. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 25(3), 288-288.

Journal articles

Hollomotz, A. (2014). Sex offenders with intellectual disabilities and their academic observers: popular methodologies and research interests. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 58(2), 189-197.

Hollomotz, A. (2013). Disability, Oppression and Violence: Towards a Sociological Explanation. Sociology. 47(3), 477-493

Hollomotz, A. (2012). Are We Valuing People's Choices Now? Restrictions to Mundane Choices Made by Adults with Learning Difficulties. British Journal of Social Work (doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcs119).

Hollomotz, A., & The Speakup Committee. (2009). 'May we please have sex tonight?' People with learning difficulties pursuing privacy in residential group settings. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 37(2), 91-97.

Hollomotz, A. (2009). Beyond 'Vulnerability': An Ecological Model Approach to Conceptualizing Risk of Sexual Violence against People with Learning Difficulties. Br J Soc Work, 39(1), 99-112.

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