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Dr Kahryn Hughes

Senior Research Fellow

Most of my time is spent in research, and I have been funded by the ESRC for the past eleven years in research primarily aimed at methods innovation and development. My current research interests are related to three overlapping areas: the sociology of health inequalities; sociological theory; and research methodology. More specifically, I am interested in: addiction, poverty, time, relationality and identity.

Research Interests

Most recently, I have won funding with Bren Neale under the ESRC Knowledge Exchange and Transformation scheme, for Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector: Enhancing knowledge and informing practice. This project brings together a national network of research projects and teams, to facilitate knowledge sharing and secondary analysis, in addition to developing and refining the Timescapes Archive at the University of Leeds.

Other recent projects that I have been involved with include:

ESRC Changing Lives and Times Qualitative Longitudinal Initiative Relationships and Identities through the Life Course (TIMESCAPES) Grandparenting: charting trajectories of inter-generational social exclusion and health. 

Mini Film 

ESRC Research Methods Programme (2003-2005) Developing methodological strategies to recruit and research socially excluded groups

Through these research projects, I have developed and sustained a number of effective networks with third sector organisations and have considerable experience and insight into enhancing impact through engaging a diverse audience.


I convene the MA Qualitative Methods module, and my teaching on the MA Conception to the Grave is research-led.  I also give a number of lectures on different courses at all levels of undergraduate study, and at Masters level. 

Methods Training

I convene an annual programme of methods training in qualitative longitudinal research methods under the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre.  These events are aimed at all those in research-active organisations who have an interest in qualitative longitudinal research.

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise PhD students who are interested in researching social process whether through primary research or research using secondary sources.

Key Publications

Chapters in books

Emmel ND and Hughes K, (2013) Configuring families over time: how policy processes shape low-income grandparenting, in Understanding families over time: Research and policy (eds) Janet Holland and Rosalind Edwards, Palgrave Macmillan, Studies in Family and Intimate Life Series, forthcoming

Hughes, K and Valentine G, (2010) Practices of Display: the framing and changing of internet gambling behaviours in families.  In Displaying Family: New Theoretical Directions in Family and Intimate Life, Esther Dermott & Julie Seymour (eds). Palgrave Macmillan

Kenten C., Valentine, G., & Hughes, K (2011) Del rodal del dado al clickear del mouse: explorando las Geografias Culturales del juego por Internet, in Geografias Culturales: Aproximaciones, intersecciones y desafios.  Perla Zusman, Rogerio Haesbaert, Hortensia Castro y Susana Adamo (Editores), Libros del Filo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emmel N D & Hughes K, Small-N access cases to refine theories of social exclusion and access to socially excluded individuals and groups.  Byrne D and Ragin C (eds.) The SAGE handbook of Case-Centered Methods. Sage. London. (2009)

Hughes, K.A. (2007) 'CAM and the meaning of nursing care'. In: Jon Adams and Phil Tovey (eds.) Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing and Midwifery: towards a critical social science, Routledge.

Hughes, K.A. (2004) 'Health as individual responsibility: possibilities and personal struggle'. In: Philip Tovey, Gary Easthope, Jon Adams (ed.) The mainstreaming of complementary and alternative medicine: studies in social context, Routledge.

Journal Papers

Valentine, G & Hughes, K, (2012) Shared space, distant lives? Understanding the doing of personal lives, family and intimacy at home, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, (mss id: TIBG-RP-Mar-2010-0026)

Valentine, G & Hughes, K, (2010) Ripples in a pond: The Disclosure to, and Management of, Problem Gambling With/in the Family, Community, Work and Family, special issue, Caroline Downs (ed).

Emmel N D & Hughes K, (2010) Recession, it’s all the same to us son’: the longitudinal experience (1999-2010) of deprivation, in Edwards, Rosalind and Irwin, Sarah, 'Lived experience through economic downturn in Britain—perspectives across time and across the life-course', Twenty-First Century Society, 5: 2, 119 — 124

Hughes, K, (2007) Migrating identities: the relational constitution of drug use and addiction. Sociology of Health and Illness, 29,5,1-19).

Emmel ND, Hughes K, Greenhalgh J & Sales A (2007) Accessing socially excluded people—trust and the gatekeeper in the researcher-participant relationship. Sociological Research Online 12(2) March

Reports, Briefing Papers and Methods Guides

Hughes K, & Emmel ND (2012) Analysing Time: Times and Timing in the Lives of Low-Income Grandparents, Timescapes Methods Guides Series, Guide No. 9

Emmel ND, & Hughes K (2012) Sampling in Qualitative Longitudinal Research: A Realist Approach, Timescapes Methods Guides Series, Guide 2

Hughes, K, Emmel N D & Hemmerman L, (2009) Briefing Paper 2: Intergenerational exchange: Grandparents and social exclusion;   Mid-term briefing paper for policy makers and practitioners. http://www.timescapes.leeds.ac.uk/about/publications.php

Valentine, G, and Hughes K,(2008) Problem Internet Gambling and the role of the Family,

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