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Dr Ana Manzano

Lecturer in Health & Social Policy

Having worked in acute healthcare settings for a decade, I became interested in the relationship between research methods, evidence and policy making in health and social policy. I am now a social research methodologist with an expertise in applied health research. My specialist area is the evaluation of complex applied healthcare interventions using the realist approach (Pawson & Tilley, 1997; Pawson, 2006). 

Research Interests

My research work has involved applying a range of social research methods to evaluate applied healthcare interventions.  I collaborate with health professionals, other social scientists and health service researchers to develop evaluations of complex interventions using qualitative and mixed-methods approaches.

I peer-review on evaluation theory and methods, applied healthcare mixed-method studies, delayed discharges, organ donation and organ trafficking topics for national and international journals, funding bodies, and conference abstracts.

I have been a member of the School of Healthcare Ethics Committee (SHREC) and I am currently a member of the AREA Faculty Research Ethics Committee.

Some of my current research interests are:

  • Evaluation theory and methodology (realist evaluation and realist synthesis).
  • Evaluation of complex systems, specifically health and social programmes in acute and primary care.
  • Deceased organ donation and organ trafficking
  • Delayed discharges (“bed-blocking”) in acute care
  • Health crime
  • Sociology of health & illness
  • Welfare

Current and recent research

RAMESES II: Realising the potential of realist research for improving the delivery of health services. NIHR- HS&DR- Follow-on-Study, 2015-2017. Co-investigator.

Realist evaluation of community health worker schemes in Nigeria. Medical Research Council, 2015-2020. Co-investigator.

Learning disabilities user led quality measures/matrix. NHS England, 2014-2016. Co-investigator.

Crisis and enhanced liaison service: Evaluation support for the implementation of the RAID (Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge) model for mental health emergency admissions in Harrogate- with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust- Care- Connect Knowledge Exchange Scheme, 2014. Principal Investigator.

Presumed consent or informed consent? A comparative study of organ donation systems in Spain and the UK- World Universities Network, International Partnership Fund, 2011-2012- Principal Investigator.

Organ donation international public engagement- Higher Education Innovation Fund, 2012- Principal Investigator.


My research-led teaching includes health and social policy, the sociology of health and illness and social research methods.

I am the module leader for Sociology of Health & Illness (Level 2), and Welfare & Crime (Level 2). I also co-lead the MA module Evaluation Research.

I guest lecture on several undergraduate and postgraduate modules on the following topics: Health Crime; Organ Trafficking; Class and Health; Death, Dying and Donation; Mixed Methods Research Design.

I am the Industry Year Academic Coordinator for the School of Sociology and Social Policy.

PhD Supervision

I interested in supervising PhDs  using realist evaluation methodology in applied healthcare or social policy; and also PhDs in the following substantive areas: organ donation for transplantation; organ trafficking; health crime; and delayed hospital discharges.  I currently supervised theses on health inequalities and disabilities, mate crime in learning disabilities and non-binary gender identity negotiation and medical practice.

Key Publications

Mehdipanah R; Manzano A; Borrell C; Malmusi D; Rodriguez-Sanz M; Greenhalgh J; Muntaner C; Pawson R (2015) Exploring complex causal pathways between urban renewal, health and health inequality using a theory-driven realist approach, Social Science and Medicine. 124: 266-274.

Manzano A, Monaghan M, Potrata B, Clayton M (2014) The invisible issue of organ laundering. Transplantation, 98 (6): 600-603

Manzano, A. and Pawson, R. (2014) Evaluating consent to deceased organ donation: The need for programme theory, Journal of Healthcare Organization & Management, 28 (3): 366-385

Manzano, A (2014) Patient responsibilities: nudges, social determinants of health, and the case of organ donation. In Social Policies and Social Control: New Perspectives on the not-so-Big Society. Editors: Sanders T and Harrison M. Policy Press, Bristol.

Manzano, A., Ziegler, L. and Bennett, M. (2014) Exploring interference from analgesia in patients with cancer pain: A longitudinal qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing.1887-1888.

Caballero, F; Leal, J; Puig, M; Manzano, A; Ris, J; Benito, S (2014) Implementation of clinical guidelines for requesting family informed consent to deceased organ donation for transplantation: Positive effect on consent rates, Organs, Tissues & Cells. 17.2014: 115-122.

Manzano-Santaella, A. (2012) Measuring ‘bed-blocking’: conceptual and methodological challenges. Clinical Medicine 12(4):308-309

Pawson, R. and Manzano-Santaella, A. (2012) A realist diagnostic workshop. Evaluation. 18(2):176-191

Manzano-Santaella, A. (2011) A Realistic evaluation of fines for hospital discharges: Incorporating the history of programme evaluations in the analysis. Evaluation 17(1): 1-16

Manzano-Santaella, A (2010). Disentangling the impact of multiple innovations to reduce delayed hospital discharges’. Journal of Health Service Research and Policy, 15(1): 41-46

Manzano-Santaella, A. (2010) From “bed-blocking” to delayed discharges. Precursors and interpretations of a contested concept. Health Services Management Research Journal, 23: 121-1

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