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Dr Rosa Mas Giralt

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Work, Care and Global Transitions

After completing my doctoral studies at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, I joined CIRCLE in October 2011. I am also partly based with CERIC working across both centres on the Work, Care and Global Transitions programme which is part of the Building Sustainable Societies Transformation Fund Project. 

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the areas of migration, transnational families (long distance care-giving and emotional aspects), intergenerational relationships, geographies of children and young people, embodiment and social constructions of difference. My PhD, entitled "Migration, invisibility and belonging: a case study of Latin American families in the UK," was funded by an ESRC (CASE) collaborative studentship with the Refugee Council.

Through my previous research support experience, and continuing in my doctoral studies, I have also pursued an interest in intercultural and translinguistic research (combining different languages in the research process) and working with culturally and generationally diverse participants. This has been complemented with an interest in person-centred and non-textual qualitative research methods and their potential to elucidate non-verbal and emotional information.


I have taught in a range of social science and human geography undergraduate modules, such as transnational geographies and qualitative research methods. These contributions have involved both guest lecturing (e.g. transnational childhoods and families, non-textual research methods) and designing and leading seminars and small group tutorials.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students whose interests lie in the areas of transnational care-giving, migrant families and intergenerational relationships, and migrant care work.

Key Publications

Mas Giralt, R. (2011) “Colombian migrant families in the north of England: socio-cultural invisibility and young people's identity strategies” in McIlwaine, Cathy (ed.) Latin American migration across borders: European perspectives from the UK and beyond. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 197-215.

Mas Giralt, R. (2011) “In/visibility strategies and enacted diversity: sameness and belonging among young people of Latin American descent living in the north of England (UK)”. Children’s Geographies. 9(3-4): 331-345.

Mas Giralt, R. and Bailey, A. J. (2010) “Transnational familyhood and the transnational life paths of South Americans in the UK”. Global Networks. 10(3): 383-400. See abstract

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