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Dr Matilde Massó

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I have expertise in economic sociology, specifically in financialisation studies and the sociology money and markets. My recent research on financialisation and employment shows that the logic of monetary accumulation stemming from the financial sphere is associated to the declining working conditions as well as the widening breach in social inequality affecting large segments of the European population.

Research Interests

I’m primarily interested in issues related to the social consequences of financialisation, as well as the future evolution of money and how the alternative finance movement is shaping a new conception of the economy and its relationship with the common good

I am a founding member of the Economic Sociology Network and the Executive Committee of the Spanish Sociological Association. I have extensive experience in coordinating and collaborating in research projects and providing academic support and leadership to undergraduate students.


I have considerable experience in preparing, teaching and evaluating subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate (master) levels on economic sociology, social network analysis and discourse analysis.

PhD Supervision

I welcome the opportunity to supervise students in the broad areas of Economic Sociology, and particularly on topics related to financialisation studies and the sociology of money and contemporary theories of justice. I am currently supervising a PhD project on the financial orientation of non-financial corporations in Spain.

Media Contact Areas

I am happy to be contacted by the press about:

  • The social consequences of financialisation
  • The future of money

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