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Dr Ruth Pearce

I am a trans feminist scholar. My research primarily examines discourses, practices and experiences of trans health. I have also carried out empirical work on DIY music scenes and women academics’ involvement in Athena SWAN self-assessment teams

I am currently working on the ‘Pregnant Men’ project alongside Sally Hines, exploring the sociological, healthcare and policy implications of trans men’s reproductive practices.

My PhD was awarded by the University of Warwick in 2016. My thesis looked at how trans health is differently understood within trans communities, activist groups and professional literatures, with a range of meanings and practices contested within and between these spaces.

Research Interests

  • Transgender Studies
  • Trans fertility and body autonomy
  • Discourses of “gender identity” in healthcare and the law
  • Intersectional feminist theory and practice
  • Trans feminism
  • Qualitative methodologies
  • Internet ethnography


Recent publications: 


Pearce. R. (Forthcoming, 2018) Understanding Trans Health: Discourse, Power and Possibility. Under contract with Policy Press.

Moon, I., Pearce, R. & Steinberg, D.L. eds. (Forthcoming, 2018) The Emergence of Trans: Essays on Politics, Culture and Everyday Life. Under contract with Routledge.

Journal articles

 Pearce, R. & Lohman, K. (forthcoming, 2017) ‘De/constructing DIY identities in a trans music scene’. Article accepted for publication in Sexualities.


Pearce, R. (2017) ‘Certifying Equality? – A critical reflection on Athena SWAN and equality accreditation’. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick.


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