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Dr Nick Piper

Lecturer in Sociology

My research encompasses concerns from human geography, sociology and cultural studies amongst others. I am mostly interested in the everyday practices and politics that are entangled with food and (food) media engagement.  I am very interested in the role of ‘experts’ in everyday life and in the broad processes of cultural intermediation.

I have worked on a number of funded projects including ‘Consumer Culture in an Age of Anxiety’ (Conanx) funded by the ERC. I worked on the ESRC funded seminar series ‘Food Options, Opinions and Decisions’. 

Research Interests

My research focuses on the themes of media and food with some more recent focus on film. I have worked on the way audiences engage with contemporary food media and how this can indicate political and social relationships at a range of scales. The following list covers my broad areas of interest:

  • Food and drink (eating and drinking)
  • Food media
  • Domestic (food) practices
  • Audience and television studies
  • Celebrity
  • Social media
  • Film (especially where it relates to food and drink)


I currently teach on the MA module ‘Reality TV: Truth or Fiction.’

I have taught a range of undergraduate modules in the past including research methods, geographies of media and visual methods.

PhD Supervision

I would be happy to supervise students with an interest in the areas mentioned above. I am also happy to consider other topics if there is a good basis for a match. 


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