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Dr S. Sayyid


Research Interests

My research interests are threefold. Firstly, I explore ethnicity and racism. Secondly, I examine the relationship between culture and politics. Thirdly, I am interested in postcolonial political studies, and look at  the way in which the analysis of postcolonial conditions inform and affect so-called 'mainstream' political and social processes and structures.


My teaching interests are racism, postcolonalism, critical theory and "political Islam".    

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise research students interested in ontological analysis rather than ontic studies, that is, I like to think how entities come into being. I am also able to supervise research in topics that relate to questions of coloniality, formations of racism and what can be called, not unproblematically, political Islam.

Key Publications


Sayyid, S. (2003) A Fundamental Fear: Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism. Zed Books Ltd.

Chapters in Books

Sayyid, S. (2006) 'Introduction: BrAsians: Postcolonial People, Ironic Citizens', In: Sayyid. S (co-editor), A Postcolonial People: South Asians in Britain, Hurst.

Sayyid, S. (2000) 'Bad Faith: Anti-Essentialism and Universalism' In: Avtar Brah and Annie. E. Coombes (eds.), Hybridity and its Discontents, Routledge.

Journal Articles

Sayyid, S. Islam(ism), (Winter, 2007) Eurocentrism and World Order, Defence Studies, (7) 3.

Sayyid, S. (2005) 'Mirror, Mirror, Western Democrats, Oriental Despots?' Ethnicities (5) 1.

Dr. S.Sayyid is currently on leave from School of Sociology and Social Policy.

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