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Research Student: Dylan Chamberlin

A Comparative Study of Migration's Effect on Gender Roles and Ideology among Moroccan migrants in France and Canada

My research examines the effects of international migration on gender roles and ideology among Moroccan immigrants in both France and Canada (Québec).

International migration not only involves physical movement across borders, but also crossing cultural boundaries to a place where societal norms and understandings often differ greatly from a migrant’s country of origin. This migration can call into question how migrants understand gender and can lead to a change in migrants’ traditional understandings of gender as well as a shift in intra-household divisions of labour, decision making, child-rearing techniques, as well as the intra-household balance of power.

I am interested in how migration affects gender roles/ideology among Moroccans in France and Canada given the two countries’ varying stances and histories with immigration and immigrants. I aim to uncover if and how these different histories and policies affect Moroccans’ migration and whether or not gender roles and ideologies are affected as a result of this process.

I have taught on the following modules:

  •  Social Science Skills (Strand 1)
  • Identity, Difference, and Inequality


MA in Development Studies-University of Manchester

BA in Sociology and French- Concordia University (Montréal, Canada)

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