Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Sociology and Social Policy

Research Student: Daisy Payne

Labour market experiences of white and Pakistani women in Leeds and Kirklees: Exploring gender, ethnicity, and location

This research considers the effects of gender, ethnicity, and location on labour market participation, and more specifically, how they intersect. Although there is research on the intersection of gender and ethnicity in the labour market, this tends to overlook the role of location. This research will address this gap, by making location a focal point.   

Using a mixed method approach that combines secondary analysis of data from the 2011 Census with the collection and analysis of data from focus groups, this research will consider the intersection of gender and ethnicity in the labour market for white British and Pakistani women in Leeds and Kirklees.


I obtained a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Sussex in 2006. In 2008 I moved to Leeds to study for a MA in Social Research, which I completed in 2010. Between qualifications I worked in various jobs, ranging from administrative roles to support work.

In addition to my studies, I currently teach on research methods at level 2.

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