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  • Room: 11.28, Social Sciences Building
  • Tel: 0113 343 7938
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Mrs Nicola Dowson

Education Service Officer (Assessment)

I provide a frontline service to students and academic colleagues, responding to enquiries and having oversight of colleagues in the administration of key student education service processes. These include:


  • Manage assessment and marking processes
  • Manage production of assessment papers, including sending to external examiners and Exams Office
  • Manage processes for Exam timetabling
  • Collate and maintain records for assessment deadline submissions
  • Coordinate printing/checking of online submissions, allocation of scripts for marking and sending to external examiners

Support marking allocation processes and maintain records

  • Coordinate and oversee the collation of marks, deduction of penalties and input into banner
  • Organise samples for external examiners
  • Liaise and communicate with external examiners
  • Organise Assessment and Progression and Award Boards
  • Oversee and prepare communications and guidance for students eligible to resit
  • Calculate External Examiners payments

Teaching Assistants:

Support recruitment of TAs and allocation of teaching to TAs Maintain records of TA activities and marking allocations

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