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Leeds Doctoral College brings together a range of opportunities for postgraduate researchers including training, dedicated study spaces, language support and career development.

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Postgraduate research workshops and conferences

We hold postgraduate workshops approximately once a month and research students should attend them throughout the duration of their period of study.

They provide the opportunity for research students to discuss issues of common concern, and to present their ideas to a supportive academic audience.

The sessions also aim to develop some of the key transferable skills required of professional social researchers, including research study skills, communication skills, time and resource management, ethics and politics of research.

Postgraduate Conferences are more formal occasions. Held annually, they provide the opportunity for research students to make a presentation in a 'conference style' setting involving other postgraduates, staff and invited participants as appropriate.

Examples of School Workshops:

  • Year One Milestones
  • Conferencing & Networking
  • Publishing
  • Contract Research
  • Final Stages of the Thesis
  • Writing whilst finishing the PhD

Faculty, University and other research training

At Leeds, you will have access to a wide range of postgraduate modules offered in various schools. You should consult with your supervisors to see if there is additional training that you require.

In addition, the University runs short courses on various aspects of postgraduate research, personal and professional development. Each year students are encouraged to complete a Research Training Audit which assesses individual needs and finds the relevant courses to ensure these are achieved.

We also have close relations with other Schools in the University and the region, and arrangements can often be made for you to participate in any particular training course the School cannot provide itself.

The School also recognises that research students might benefit from further courses and training available elsewhere. Staff and research students in the past have made regular contributions to the British Sociological Association's Summer School in Research Methodology; the School has also hosted this event.

The School also has strong links with the International Sociological Association and the European Sociological Association, the Social Policy Association and a number of other professional scholarly bodies. We may encourage you to attend their events if we believe it is appropriate for your study.

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