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The Public Sociology blog  is a joint project undertaken by staff and postgraduate students in the School of Sociology and Social Policy in the Faculty of Education, Social Science and Law at the University of Leeds. The project is part of a wider initiative to communicate with the general public about our research projects and findings and to offer occasional commentaries on issues and events of interest and concern where our various areas of expertise may make a contribution to public discussion. Inevitably some of the posts here will be on issues contributors feel passionate about.  All opinions expressed on this web site are those of the contributors and not necessarily of any institutions or organisations they belong to, including the University of Leeds. Other posts will simply be used to share information and resources, for example videos, that readers may find interesting and informative.

The School of Sociology and Social Policy has a wide and varied portfolio of policy-relevant research that is both sociologically informed and methodologically innovative. Members of the school are involved in a range of international collaborations and we welcome international visitors. The School also has a thriving community of PhD students and a range of MA programmes linked to our research strengths.

Research in the School clusters around six distinctive areas, each one linking to an interdisciplinary research centre. Members of the School often belong to more than one cluster, reflecting the interconnected nature of our work. Social justice and user engagement are key themes that cut across all of our research clusters.