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Reflecting the Leeds tradition, we explore issues relating to Culture critically and theoretically

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The study of culture is fundamental to understanding how societies work. We examine popular and intellectual cultures in a range of geographical and historical contexts. We are interested in how ideas, practices and structures interact and shape our lives, especially via media, film, art, religion, the academy and the professions. Looking at cultural formations of nationhood, ethnicity and gender we explore important transnational processes of mobility (travel, tourism, migration) and difference (inequality, exclusion, diversity). Researchers in our academic area also explore cultures of the body, health and disability, focusing in particular on the technologies that shape how we think of and approach illness, impairment, diagnosis and treatment.

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Featured publications are shown below. For more information about individual staff members including journal entries please visit the People tab and review their staff page.

Rosey Hill

Gender, Metal and the Media

Rosey Hill - Gender, Metal & the Media









Ruth Holliday

Kitsch! Cultural Politics and Taste

Ruth Holliday - Kitsch! Cultural politics & taste


Karen Throsby

Immersion: Marathon Swimming, Embodiment and Identity

Karen Throsby - Immersion: marathon swimming, embodiment and identity










Rodanthi Tzanelli

Thanatourism and Cinematic Representations of Risk: Screening the End of Tourism

Rodanthi Tzanelli - Thanatourism and cinematic representations of risk: screening the end of tourism


Dr Paul Bagguley
Reader in Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 4428
Email: p.bagguley@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Angharad Beckett
Associate Professor of Political Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 4409
Email: a.e.beckett@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Tom Campbell
Lecturer in Social Theory
Tel: 0113 343 0135
Email: t.w.campbell@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Choon Key Chekar
Research Fellow
Email: c.k.chekar@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Adrian Favell
Chair in Sociology and Social Theory
Tel: 0113 343 8489
Email: a.favell@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Austin Harrington
Reader in Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 4436
Email: a.harrington@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Rosemary Lucy Hill
Lecturer in Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 9801
Email: r.l.hill@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Ruth Holliday
Professor of Gender and Culture
Tel: 0113 3431868
Email: r.holliday@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Greg Hollin
Lecturer in Social Theory
Email: g.hollin@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Yasmin Hussain
Associate Professor in Ethnicity and Racism Studies
Tel: 0113 343 4618
Email: y.hussain@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Anne Kerr
Professor of Sociology
Tel: 0113 3437380
Email: e.a.kerr@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Jack Palmer
Teaching Fellow in Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 9827
Email: j.d.palmer@leeds.ac.uk

S. Sayyid
Professor of Social Theory and Decolonial Thought; Head of School
Tel: 0113 343 7008
Email: s.sayyid@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Julia Swallow
Research Fellow
Tel: 0113 24 39212
Email: J.E.Swallow@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Karen Throsby
Associate Professor
Tel: 0113 343 4420
Email: K.Throsby@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli
Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology
Tel: 0113 343 8746
Email: r.tzanelli@leeds.ac.uk

Here are some of the key projects for the Academic Area of Culture:

Translations and transformations in patienthood: cancer in the post-genomics era

This is a five-year research programme (2015-2020), funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award in Society and Ethics. It is a collaboration between the Universities of Leeds and Edinburgh to examine the transformations in cancer patienthood in the post-genomics era.

Other current and recent research projects include: 

  • Persuasive Data: Making sense of data visualisations. (Rosemary Hill) Find out more. 
  • "Who/What is a Good/Bad Migrant?" This Sadler Seminar Series (2016-17) brings together scholars from across the university and beyond to interrogate the contemporary conceptualisation and image of the “Migrant”. It has been developed by the School of Media and Communication and School of Sociology and Social Policy, in collaboration with the Leeds Migration Research Network (LMRN). (Adrian Favell and Chris Paterson) Find out more. 
  • "Britain and the EU: Is Britain really a European society?" A pre-EU referendum debate, you can watch the videos here.
  • RC21 – Research Committee on Urban and Regional Development. Established to promote theory and research in the sociology of urban and regional development, and – in so doing – create an international community of scholars who will advance the field. Leeds is hosting the 2017 conference, "Rethinking Urban Global Justice: An international academic conference for critical urban studies" Find out more about RC21. 
  • Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone. This interdisciplinary project looks at Britons, Australians and Chinese who participate in cosmetic surgery tourism, and at the countries and people that provide this service. (Ruth Holliday). Find out more about Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone.  Or watch Ruth talking about the project

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