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The 'Timescapes' study was the first major Qualitative Longitudinal Study to be funded in the UK.

The five year programme explored how personal and family relationships unfold over time and through life, and how those relationships shape who we are.

For more information, please explore our Timescapes website. 


The Disability Equality in English Primary Schools (DEEPS) project investigated the possible origins and emergence of disablist attitudes within childhood by exploring primary age children's understanding about disability.

In addition, the research will examine the role that teaching in mainstream English primary schools currently plays in promoting 'disability equality' amongst non-disabled children.

Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector

This project brought together a new body of dynamic research on the third sector in order to exchange knowledge and data relevant to its future development.  The main aims of the study were to understand and facilitate the sharing dynamic, narrative forms of knowledge and data across academic and practice organisations, to create impact for practitioners, service providers and wider public policy.


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