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Disability Equality in English Primary Schools (DEEPS): Our aims

September 2007 - September 2009

There are two key stages to our research.

Stage 1: aims and key questions

  • To assess the extent and nature of teaching about disability within English primary schools, and to establish what, if any, difficulties schools and teachers face in terms of promoting disability equality.
  • To assess teacher attitudes: what, if anything, do teachers think that they ought to teach children about disability equality?

Stage 2: aims and key questions

  • To examine primary-age non-disabled children's knowledge about and perceptions of the aspirations and life chances of disabled people.
  • To consider the processes, in school and elsewhere, by which non-disabled children learn about disability.
  • To explore whether 'disablist' discourses are evident within primary-age children's understanding of, and attitudes towards, disability and disabled people and to consider what their perceptions reveal about the processes at work within the 'disabling society'.

The research will involve working with a nationally representative sample of schools from across England.

Ethical approval has been given to this project and all research will be undertaken according to the British Sociological Association's ethical guidelines and the British Educational Research Association's Revised Guidelines for Educational Research 2004.

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