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Needs of carers in North Lincolnshire: A Scoping Exercise

September 2012 - November 2012

This project was a scoping exercise to assess the needs of carers in North Lincolnshire on behalf of NHS North Lincolnshire and to inform the development of local carers’ centres and to direct policy.

The aim was to draw out the needs of the many different types of carers in North Lincolnshire, including young carers; male and female carers; older carers; carers in both urban and rural areas; carers of people with different health conditions (including mental illness, physical disabilities, users of alcohol and other substances); carers from and for BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups; and hidden carers.

The research involved focus groups carried out with carers at local carers centres and at local carers’ events.  The objective of the focus groups proposed was to discover from the carers themselves what their needs were. Each focus group was designed to explore similar topics but with different groups of carers in different places, thereby providing in-depth qualitative information. The carers groups included those in rural as well as urban locations.  Telephone interviews were carried out with ten stakeholders selected from a list of local organisations that worked with carers.

A report for NHS North Lincolnshire was produced which is also suitable for policy makers in the NHS, local and central government, as well as other interested parties.

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