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BA Geography and Sociology

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In this Section:

Do you want to …

  • learn how we plan cities, regions and resources
  • explore social values
  • investigate the impact of social divisions
  • discover geodemographics, and learn how to use data sources and spatial models to map human geography

... then BA Geography and Sociology could be the course for you.

BA Geography and Sociology combines the study of sociology at the School of Sociology and Social Policy with the study of geography at the School of Geography.

The course offers you the opportunity to engage with the complexity of society, and learn about the social, cultural, economic and political processes that shape human experience. You will explore the organisation and structure of society, and examine the changing nature of human action.

You will also investigate geodemographics, learn about the Geographical Information Systems that build spatial models of human geography, and investigate regional and urban planning.

You will also examine key themes in contemporary human geography, and explore ideas in political, urban, social and development geography.

Year One

Compulsory modules

Local to Global: Geographies of a Changing World explores key themes in human geogrpahy focusing on the geographies of the City of Leeds in order to exemplify processes of urban change. You have the option to choose two of four themes from Changing Economies, Changing Populations, Culture, Media and Sport, and Where is Leeds Going?

People, Place and Politics introduces key themes and concepts in contemporary human geography. You will engage in weekly practicals (statistics and GIS) and tutorials linked to key topics, including Urban Living, Global Populations, and Justice and Difference.

Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Society examines the key features of contemporary British society and culture from a sociological perspective. We consider what aspects of our lives and the social world might be changing, and why such change may occur.

Sociological Thinking initiates you into the sociological way of seeing the world. We provide the conceptual tools that will enable you to perceive the social patterns beneath a society’s political rhetoric and media noise. 

Optional modules

You may choose to take an additional module. 

  • Nature, Society and Environment

You will take an additional two optional modules.

Discovery modules

You will choose up to two discovery modules from across the university.

Year Two

Compulsory modules

Central Problems in Sociology focuses on the important thinkers within the history of the discipline, and explores how they have elucidated their main ideas and influenced each other. We cover the themes of social integration, power, social change, the individual and society, as well as examine the social basis of culture, beliefs and consciousness.

Geographies of Economies introduces you to key themes in the history and philosophy of human geography, and does so through a sustained engagement with one key subdiscipline: economic geography. We also equip you with key concepts in economic geography.

Career Development 2 aims to improve your employability by increasing your awareness of your own skills, interests and personal characteristics so that you can impress your future employers. The University's Professional Career Consultants run this practical and highly participative module with employer involvement.

Optional modules

You will study one of the following optional modules.

  • Research Methods in Practice
  • Sociology and Social Policy Research Methods

You will choose one to two of the following optional modules.

  • Political and Development Geographies
  • Service Analysis and Planning
  • Inside European Cities
  • The Making of the Modern City
  • Citizenship and Identity: Comparative Perspectives
  • Living within Limits: Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development

You will then choose one to two of the following optional modules.

  • Globalization: Equality and Diversity
  • Crime, Law and Regulation
  • Race and Hollywood Cinema
  • Drugs: Society, Politics and Policy
  • Disability Studies: An Introduction
  • The Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Racism and Ethnicity Studies: A Global Approach
  • The Sociology of Culture
  • Urban Disorders, Social Divisions and Social Control

Discovery modules

You will choose up to two discovery modules from across the university.

Year Three

Compulsory module

The Sociology for Joint Honours Dissertation allows you to choose a topic of personal or professional interest for study. An academic member of staff will act as your supervisor. The dissertation will be between 5,000 and 6,000 words.

Optional modules

You choose one to four optional modules from the following list.

  • Advanced Retail Planning
  • Globalisation from Above and Below
  • Urban and Regional Development: A Case Study of Athens
  • Global Cities: Mumbai
  • Geographies of Encounter
  • Contested Cities
  • Geographies of Migration
  • Alternative Urban Futures
  • Advanced Population and Health Geographies
  • GIS, Geocomputing and Geoplanning
  • Workplace Co-Operative Project
  • Geographers into Teaching: School Placements
  • Global Cities: Miami
  • Research Placement
  • Research Placement

You will choose one of the following optional modules.

  • Sexualities and Society
  • Governing Cultures, Identities and Emotions
  • Citizenship, Identity and Social Change
  • Postcolonialism and Critical Muslim Studies
  • Disability Rights and the International Policy Context
  • Researching Personal Life and Social Change
  • Education, Culture and Society
  • Contemporary Children, Young People and Families
  • Discipline and Punish
  • Sociology of Consumerism
  • Protest and Social Movements
  • Globalisation and the Sex Trade
  • Understanding Interpersonal Violence
  • Ethnicity and Popular Culture

Discovery modules

You will choose up to two discovery modules from across the university.

Further information

For more in-depth information on BA Geography and Sociology modules, please see our Programme and Module Catalogue.

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