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Professor Ray Pawson

Emeritus Professor of Social Research Methodology

Given my job title, it will come as no surprise that my main interest lies in research methodology. This does not quite bracket me with the technical nerds, however, for I have written widely on the philosophy and practice of research, covering methods qualitative and quantitative, pure and applied, contemporaneous and historical. There is a common 'realist' thread underlying every word, albeit a modest, middle-range, empirically-rich kind of realism.

Research Interests

I am best known for writings on evaluation methodology and evidence-based policy, work which has been supported over the years by three ESRC fellowships. I have acted as researcher and consultant on programme evaluation for various UK government departments. Currently, I am writing a book posing a big question: Social science - it's older but is it any wiser?


I teach two MA modules in Fundamentals of Social Research and Evaluation Research.

PhD Supervision

I have supervised a dozen research students to successful completion (my one 'failure' being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure). If there is a focus, topics share a concern with something evaluative on some area of social policy. If there isn't a focus, often a problem with PhD work, my job, being a specialist in research design, is to help to provide one. I am waiting, hope beyond hope, to supervise a student seeking to conduct methodological research. 

Please note: From 2015 Professor Pawson is taking on no new doctoral students - inquiries from students interested in realist methods should be directed to Drs Emmel, Greenhalgh and Manzano.

Key Publications


Pawson, R. (2006) Evidence Based Policy: A Realist Perspective, Sage.

Pawson, R.; Tilley, N (1997) Realistic Evaluation, Sage.

Pawson, R. (1989) A Measure for Measures: A Manifesto for Empirical Sociology, Routledge.

Journal Articles

Pawson, R. (1996) Theorizing the Interview, British Journal of Sociology, 47, pp.296-314.

Chapters in Books

Pawson, R. (2006) Simple Principles for The Evaluation of Complex Programmes, In: Killoran, A et. al. Evidence Based Public Health, Oxford University Press.

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