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Dr Simon Prideaux

Associate Professor of Social Policy, Sociology, Disability Studies and Crime

My work tends to be multi-disciplinary. It incorporates social theory, political philosophy and social policy. Indeed, my primary focus has been on New Labour and the socio-political influences that shape their policy direction.

More recently, however, I have been concerned with critical theory past and present. Not only has this led me to examine the works of the Frankfurt School, but also the current work of Mouffe and Laclau.

Research Interests

My current research focuses on how direct payments alter policy perceptions of disabled people. In particular, my research looks at the way disabled people use these payments to employ personal assistants.

Effectively, my research examines how direct payments have transformed disabled people from passive recipients of welfare into active employers.


At present, I teach on mainly level 1 modules. My teaching is on the history of welfare policies and the theoretical debates that surround social policies in the UK and the US. I also teach on crime modules and give guest lectures on the MA in Disability Studies.

PhD Supervision

Presently I am supervising one PhD student who is looking at the lack of an effective disabled people's movement in Portugal. He has now successfully negotiated his upgrade, has been transferred to full PhD status and is currently undertaking extensive fieldwork back in Portugal.

Key Publications


  • Monaghan M, Prideaux S, State crime and immorality: The corrupting influence of the powerful ([n.pub.], 2016), 1-248

  • Prideaux SJ, Not So New Labour: A sociological critique of New Labour's policy and practice (Policy Press, 2005), v,170p

Journal articles

  • Prideaux SJ, Roulstone A, Harris J, Barnes C, ‘Disabled People and Self Directed Support Schemes: Re-Conceptualising Work and Welfare in the 21st Century’, Disability & Society Special Edition, 24.5 (2009), 557-569
    DOI: 10.1080/09687590903010909

  • Roulstone A, Prideaux SJ, ‘Constructing Reasonableness: Environmental Access Policy for Disabled Wheelchair Users in Four EU Countries’, Alter: European Journal of Disability Research, 3.4 (2009), 360-377
    DOI: 10.1016/j.alter.2009.03.004

  • Prideaux S, Roulstone A, ‘Good practice for providing disabled people with reasonable access: a comparative study of legislative provision’, International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 1.1 (2009), 59-81

  • Prideaux S, ‘The welfare politics of Charles Murray are alive and well in the UK’, International Journal of Social Welfare, 19 (2009), 293-302
    DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2397.2009.00660.x

  • Prideaux SJ, ‘John Macmurray and the 'Forgotten' Lessons of Capitalism and the Community’, The Political Quarterly, 76.4 (2005), 540-549
    DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-923X.2005.00716.x

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