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Sociology and Social Policy

Dr Sarah Woodin

Research Fellow

I re-entered academia to complete a PhD at Leeds after prioritising local, national and international work developing supported employment. The focus of my academic work continues to be disability and the development of social policies away from institutional provision and in support of community Independent Living.

Research Interests

My research interests relate to disability and Independent Living in its broadest sense.  In line with this, I am currently working on three research projects.

With the Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED), international partners and the European Commission’s Disability Unit I develop evidence and policy on disability. As Leeds PI for a Daphne III project on Access to specialised support services for disabled women who have experienced violence, I work with international colleagues to develop better understandings of the barriers facing disabled women and how they can be tackled. Third, I am project manager for a Leverhulme project on transition to employment for young disabled people that is highlighting the importance of education and good, secure jobs.

I am also a Convenor of the Disability Study Group of the British Sociological Association.  


I have been teaching since 1986 and at all student levels since 2002 when I started teaching at Leeds.  At present I teach on the MA Disability Studies programme by Distance Learning, with the Centre for Disability Studies.

PhD Supervision

I would be pleased to supervise students working in the area of disability and independent living and in particular students with interest in my current areas of research

Key Publications

Journal Articles

Woodin, Sarah L (May 2012) Disability: Western Theories. In: eLS 2012, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester http://www.els.net/ [DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0005213.pub2]

Book Chapters

Woodin, S. (2014) ‘Intersectionality’ in C. Cameron Disability Studies: a student’s guide, London: Sage

Woodin, S. (2013) Care: Controlling and Personalising Services, in Swain, J. French, S. Barnes C. and Thomas, C. Disabling Barriers, Enabling Environments, London: Sage


Woodin, S. and Shah, S. (2013) Access to Specialised Victim Support Services for Women with Disabilities who have Experienced Violence: National Report Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Vienna: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights

Woodin, S. (2012) Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) Research Project on the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities and People with Mental Health Problems: Desk Report Vienna: FRA

Woodin, S. (2012) Evaluation of the CHANGE Project Living Our Lives in Safety (LOLIS) 2009 – 2012 Leeds: CHANGE / University of Leeds

Book Review

Woodin, S. (2010) Book Review: Job success for persons with developmental disabilities, by David B. Wiegan, forward by Ron Rush, London, Jessica Kingsley, 2009 Disability and Society

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