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Walaa Al Husban
A Sociological Reading of Gender Mainstreaming in the Humanitarianism Discourse: A Continuing Conversation between the West and the Rest

Mostafa Attia
Revolution, global development and disability politics in Egypt


Bolaji Balogun
Poland, Power, and Black Atlanticism: Whose identity?

Shirley Barrett
Defending community and building bridges: Lessons from the Gypsy, Traveller and Roma community in the UK (East Anglia)

Katucha Rodrigues Bento
Trajectories of Immigration and Identities of Afro-Brazilian Women in the United Kingdom.

James Beresford
Governing Equity: Narratives of the 2010 Equality Act

Sally-Anne Beverley
Violence against Bisexual Women: Causes, Experiences and Implications for Service Providers

Emma Bimpson
Governing homelessness through housing policy: interpreting, resisting and reinforcing strategies of power.

Tiffany Boulton
Understanding “Contested” Chronic Illness: A Case Study of the In/Visibility of Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) in the UK and Canada

Ashley R. Bullard
Interpersonal Politics in Policy Making: Cognition Enhancers and Drug Policy [Working Title]


Dylan Chamberlin
A Comparative Study of Migration's Effect on Gender Roles and Ideology among Moroccan migrants in France and Canada

Alex Chelegeer
A Trace of Integrating Minorities: Chinese Mongolian Elites, Their Identity, Mobility and Life Course.

Catriona Clark
Organising for Spina Bifida: Exploring the history of Spina Bifida organisations from 1960 to the current day

Tom Clarke
Quantification in a Laboratory Setting


Andrew Dalton
Ageism, stigma and the issues faced by older people living with HIV when searching for (and meeting) sexual partners and intimate partnerships.

Danielle Tomkins
A positive change? The experiences of offenders with autism detained in prisons applying for Autism Accreditation

Ged Doherty
What is the nature and extent of mate crime offending against disabled people and how effective are institutional responses?


Lesley Ellis
Disabled or Dwarf? The Significance of a Mobility Aid in the Social Interactions of Women with Dwarfism in Public Spaces

Sonja Erikainen
Negotiating Sexed Embodiment: A Genealogy of the Female Category in Olympic Sport


Shareefa Fadhel
The Role of GCC Women in realizing Economic Growth and Social Inclusion within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Maria Victoria Gauci
Enabling Technology and Employment of Disabled People in Malta : from Charity to Empowerment?

Alexandra Gruian
Assisted Reproduction in Romania

Kathryn Gudmunson
Working title: Impact of drug decriminalization policies on organized crime and drug trafficking in the Czech Republic


Qiqi Huang
The relationship between Western and Chinese Feminism, women rights issues in new media


Kamalika Jayathilaka
A study of tourism imaginaries and worldmaking in Sri Lankan heritage tourism: a case study of Kandy (provisional title)


Linzi Ladlow
Housing Young Parents: A micro-dynamic study of the housing experiences and support needs of young mothers and fathers

Sel Lee
Young Korean women’s playful self-adornment in traditional dress (a working title)

Juntao Lyu
The Health Inequalities and Health Care Delivery Patterns Among Chinese Migrant Workers in Shanghai


Katie Markham
Memory and Empathy in Northern Ireland’s Post-Conflict Museums and Memorial Sites

Cassandra McLuckie
Theorizing satisfaction in intimacy: A study of everyday heterosexual sexuality through the voices of working and middle-class men and women

Hizer Ali Mir
Islam, Secularism and the Public Sphere

Alessandro Modanesi
When families become employers: negotiating caring responsibilities within the migrant-in-the-family model of care

Gillian Mooney
Staying Classy On Facebook: performing class virtual social networks

Anne-Marie Moore
Together Through Play: Facilitating Meaningful Play between Disabled and Non-Disabled Children through Participatory Design

Rosa Morris
The sturdy, the undeserving and the ineligible: Political economy, definitions of labour and disregard of experience in the administrative category of disability


Jack Palmer
Genocide and Entanglement: Modernity and Mass Violence in the African Great Lakes Region

Cristina-Claudia Paraschivescu
Transnationalism as the Negotiation of Belonging. A Case Study of Romanians in London and Paris.

Daisy Payne
Labour market experiences of white and Pakistani women in Leeds and Kirklees: Exploring gender, ethnicity, and location


Claudia Elizabeth Radiven
Reorientation of the Ideological Axis: Assessing the UK’s counter-terror measures and developing a cohesive terrorist rehabilitation model for the United Kingdom.

Inga Julia Reichelt
What is work worth? Young Disabled People’s Imagined Futures and Narratives on the Boundaries of Work and Welfare in the UK and Germany

Mary Robson
Young men’s heterosexualities in the UK


Leona Satchell-Samuels
Beyond the Problem of Blackness

Lewis Simpson
An Inquiry into Contemporary Total Institutions: Are Prisons Modern?

Josephine Sirotkin
From violence to neglect: investigating the mistreatment of disabled people within health and social care facilities

Cassie Smith
The therapeutic dimension of life writing for trans* people as it plays out beyond a medical narrative and in relation to political and social resistance


Robert Thornton-Lee
The Anonymous Function: Anonymity, Encryption, and Surveillance within the United Kingdom

Vasiliki Toumanidou
Student migration from Greece to the UK: Contexts, decision-making, experiences and plans


Joy Walker
A qualitative longitudinal methodology exploring fertility and infertility issues - identity and intergenerational exchange.

Jane Wallace
The media and gender diverse identities in Japan

Chris Waugh
Masculinity, temporality and activist culture: a Militant Ethnography (provision title)

Emily Webb
An Exploration into the Ethnic Mobilisation of Romani communities in the UK.

Kate Wicker
How is expertise warranted in conditions of uncertain knowledge? An analysis of experts in counter-radicalisation policy networks in the UK

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